Ford Fiesta the Elder


1978 and 1775 pounds of Ford Fiesta were two good things for Jerry Kuszak to find in the used car market. Jerry's been the third proud owner of this daily driven and occasionally autocrossed MK1 Fiesta for over 20 years. Fiesta, the elder was sold here in America for three short years from 1978-80. Under the hood is 1.6L of Kent engine fury, with the Ghia package representing … [Read more...]

Replace Bulbs


Changing a light bulb at home is ideally an uneventful experience. Switch goes off. A ladder or rickety chair comes out. Out goes the old bulb, and in with the new. The procedure is mostly the same when it comes to automobiles. There are just more sorts of bulbs. While some modern vehicles might tell you when a bulb or headlamp has burned out or gone dark, older vehicles … [Read more...]

Dream Machines Roundup


The convergence of great stuff automotive, aeronautic, and agricultural that is the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show is a wrap until next year. Hanging out directly under the dulcet thrum and doppler effect of World War II piston engine airplanes was worth the price of admission alone. Also present at the Half Moon Bay were dune buggies, streamliners, and numerous examples of … [Read more...]

Tatra T87 World Tour


Because Paul Greenstein was able to forge a lifelong dream of a streamlined future and rusting satellite TV antenna together into this beautiful air-cooled V-8 powered sedan is exactly why automobiles will forever be part of our culture. That being said, we bring you Paul and Dydia's 1941 Tatra T87. Legend has it that a soldier returning from World War II drove this particular … [Read more...]

Chevy LUV Mikado 1979


My pal Jonee Eisen is the proud owner of a 1960 Mazda R360 and a 1960 Fuldamobile. In addition to those two micro cars, Jonee used to own a Subaru 360, a Subaru R2, a DAF 66, a BMW Isetta, a Renault Le Car and a string of AMC Pacers. Like us, he's pleasantly mental. I accompanied Jonee to pick up the shift linkage for that Fuldamobile. Interestingly, the Fuldamobile is about … [Read more...]