Lakes Kadett


Some of the more interesting cars at any car show are often tucked away in the parking lot. This late sixties early seventies vintage Opel Kadett was spied by our man in the field Dave Wallace at the Kulture Shock car show in Lake County, California. The show was open only to traditional pre-64 hot rods and customs, which evidently relegated this Kadett to the spectator grass. … [Read more...]

Drive-On Ramps


When it comes time to dismantle suspensions or any other monkey wrenching agenda where the wheels come off the car, a sturdy jack and jack stands are the tools for the job. A set of drive-on ramps can be the answer for less involved chores like changing the oil and filter, greasing the chassis, or replacing a leaky lower radiator hose. Thanks to the miracle of space-age … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Pan and Tray Edition


From the environmental protection and creative reuse division of Clunkbucket comes this installment of Tool of the Week. While not at all glamourous, the drip tray and oil change pan are supremely useful - and can in fact help save the planet. Collecting used oil in a container that won't puke all over the trunk makes it easy to recycle used engine oil. Picking up another drain … [Read more...]

Oil and Filter Change


Changing the oil and filter on a regular basis is the single best way to keep an engine running as long and best as possible. A thin film of oil molecules is the only thing that keeps gnashing engine internals from turning into an expensive heap of scrap metal by way of friction and heat. Another function of engine oil is to keep those same engine parts clean. Dropping out the … [Read more...]

American Motors


The genuine possibility of more rear-drive muscle returning to the race tracks of America is certainly welcome, but without AMC Javelins slipping through the apexes, things just won't ever be completely right again. Mark Donohue forever etched the red, white, and blue into American Motors when he took the Trans-Am series in 1971 and 1972 behind the wheel Roger Penske-prepared … [Read more...]