Datsun Six Ten


The story of Todd Manning's 1973 Datsun 610 unfolds like most classic car stories. Scour forever and eventually purchase a car from some faraway seller via the internets or classifieds. Spend at least the initial purchase price of the car again repairing thirty year old spun out suspension bits and replacing rotten hoses. Spend countless yet rewarding hours at the local … [Read more...]

Ram Cuda


A car can acquire some interesting stories over 45 years. If that car is this 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, it can also collect a transfer case, some sweet van-style fender flares, and a set of dualies out back. This Plymouth started life much like any other 1965 Barracuda, and was known to trip the win light at Fremont Dragstrip before being transformed into a show car in 1978 with … [Read more...]

Santa Clara Sunset


It was hard to tell what sort of deal this fairly clandestine roll-in of old school imports on El Camino Real had in store. Word came in by way of forums, text messages, and Craigslist postings, but the simple facts were enough. Old schools. 7PM until whenever, and finally a good reason to go park near a Starbucks. By nightfall cars had rolled in from as far out as Modesto, and … [Read more...]

Lunar Roving Vehicle


On this day in the year of 1969, Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. A few short years later in 1971, Apollo 15 Commander David Randolph Scott became the first man to drive on the moon. The Lunar Roving Vehicle, or LRV, went the distance folded up under the Lunar Module. The LRV was deployed and loaded up with tools by the Astronauts on … [Read more...]

Treasure Island Vintage Bonanza


Old schools from all points descended from the Bay Bridge onto Treasure Island for a gathering of a different than the usual vintage show cars and trucks. An unofficial but mostly adhered to 1984 or so cutoff date allows for later lineage, as long as the model is progeny of the original. A 1988 Mitsubishi Starion? OK, as the turbo coupe made its debut in 1982. Everything from … [Read more...]