Hover Dynamics RX2000


Lest the gnashing tones of bad news make us forget we must continue to forge headlong into the future of alternative and entertaining transportation, we bring you this late-eighties early-nineties vintage Hover Dynamics RX2000 personal hovercraft. This mint-condition machine was seen in the swap meet section at a recent Goodguys show, and appeared to be the ultra rare RX2000 … [Read more...]

Renault 16 Hatchwagon


From the Sahara Desert Expedition desk comes this 1971 Renault R16. Owner Ken Nelson's latest excursion was to the Concours d'Lemons event. Ken reports he's already¬† loading the machine for its next outing - this time to the desert. The R16 is indeed a rugged automobile and features and impressive amount of cargo space for journeying from its current home base in Palo Alto, … [Read more...]

Old School Imports Meet


It's that time on the calendar where various third Wednesdays or last Thursdays mean there's a reason to fire up that old bucket and drive it out and meet up. This Thursday the 27th, 2009 marks the third roll-in of the NorCal SoBay Old School Import faithful in Santa Clara, California. The gathering runs from 7PM until whenever. There is no admission fee other than driving in … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Universal Joints


Welcome to the we'll make it fit bonus trick edition of Tool of the Week. If there were an equal amount of space around every nut and bolt, we would all only need one kind of wrench. The reality is getting the twist to the fastener in just half the battle. What goes together like butter at the factory usually puts up a fight in the garage. Why did they put that bolt up there … [Read more...]

Gap and Replace Spark Plugs


Changing a set of spark plugs is a task that always sounds like an easy job, because most of the time it is. Swapping out a crusty spark plugs for a freshly gapped set is one of the few routine things left to tune up on modern engines - with modern being a relative term around here. Problems start with certain engines and spark plug designs that can turn changing the spark … [Read more...]