Slant 6 Roundup


Another Slant Six Gathering leaves the vexing question of what a 1977 Dodge Aspen and a 1962 Dodge Lancer have in common. The answer? A leaning tower of power under the hood. The Slant Six faithful gathered this last Sunday at the Redwood City, California boat launch parking lot to carry on the tradition of durability and performance synonymous with the six-cylinder engine … [Read more...]

Santa Clara September


Where do the months go? We don't know either. The good news is that the last Thursday of September has passed, which means its time for another Santa Clara old schools import roundup bonanza! The coolest deal about this monthly gathering is that everyone drives in, then drives right back out again. Most of the cars on the lot are either daily driven or close to it. With a few … [Read more...]

Detroit Spotlight 1966


The best part about having musty old car magazines from the '60s is reading press releases about how by 1971, we would all be driving electric cars that ran on batteries comprised of then futuristic exotic materials. In the Detroit Spotlight department of a December 1966 issue of Motor Trend magazine is a small photo of a 1931 Detroit Electric Model 99, accompanied by the news … [Read more...]

Starlet and Starion Conquest


While seeing a Starion and a Starlet together in the same driveway may be something we're used to around here at Clunkbucket, rarely are the two cars ever seen together in the field. Andrew Layman is the only other person we know of that has not only a Starlet, but also a Starion. In this case the Mitsubishi is a 1986 Conquest-by-Dodge version Starion, and the 1982 Starlet … [Read more...]

Two Dogs Ford F-250


Karl Richofsky purchased this 1963 Ford F-250 pickup truck in 1965. He was looking for a tough, low mileage, heavy-duty truck. He got one. Over 700 thousand miles, five engines, countless sets of tires, and 44 years later he still has the same truck - now known as Two Dogs. Karl is a retired Operating Engineer, who can be found these days working in the pits on front engine top … [Read more...]