France and Italy Together


We know what you're thinking. You pine away the hours longing for the sleek lines and elegant thrift of a 1958 Fiat 600. You revel in the idea of automobiles that incorporate corrugated steel as exterior paneling. You drift off into daydreams of motoring along on a hydro-pneumatic cushion of infinite suspension adjustment, your hands leaving the steering wheel just long enough … [Read more...]

Cony Light Van Deluxe


When it comes to mid-ships driving amusement, the under floor engine arrangement of the Cony Light Van Deluxe is unparalleled. This 1967 model was hauled over from a long nap in a Temecula field to attend the Japanese Classic Car Show in Irvine. The entire Cony lineup was manufactured in Japan by the Aichi Machine Industry Company. Cony was eventually absorbed by Datsun. The … [Read more...]

King Water Truck


From the form following function department comes this '50s-vintage REX water truck. Some said it may be a 1958 model. The mighty REX ruled to water the track surface at Petaluma Speedway for some forty years before getting dethroned just one short year ago. The Cummins diesel under the hood finally breathed its last. The REX not only has a Cummins engine, but also sports a … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Reunion Roundup


The celebration of all that is awesome in drag racing known as the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion is a wrap. Extracting maximum performance and entertainment from alternative fuels was nothing new to these guys even back when flat out timed runs across SoCal dry lake beds gave way to the quarter mile contest we know today as drag racing. Early troublemakers and speed merchants bolted up … [Read more...]

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


Dateline - Bakersfield. Top fuel dragster and funny car action at Famoso Raceway continues on Sunday. Thirty something nitro huffing blown funny cars and eight top fuel dragsters are lining up in the staging lanes for what promises to be an epic nitromethane super drag racing battle. While Clunkbucket gets the cans and string a bit more well connected to the internets, please … [Read more...]