Confluence of Gremlins, now with more Porsche


Communications from operatives over the last day have produced not one but three AMC Gremlins. Two are evidently in the wild. One is for sale, and has a Porsche engine swapped in under the hood in place of the AMC peanut grinder. First was Jim, seeing and snapping a few Gremlins in the states to the north west. One Gremlin appears mostly stock, while the other is somewhat more … [Read more...]

Replace Windshield Wipers


Replacing windshield wiper blades is one of those things that most of us forget right up until the five foot blizzard hits. Those wiper blades that have been baking unused in the hot sun all summer? Toast. The good news is that replacing wiper blades or wiper refills takes minutes, and can provide improved visibility in even the crummiest weather. Swapping out a set of wiper … [Read more...]

Engine Room! Full Astern!


From the flagship of the fleet department is this Chrysler Newport seen on the side of the road with an asking price of a mere four hundred dollars. The 1971 Newport heavy has a 383 big block connected to a an apparently blown up TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The scrawled message on the side glass says the big block does indeed run. Even with a toasted transmission, … [Read more...]

Seeing Double Morrissey


There are simply not enough cars in your driveway. You like your automobiles in pairs. You want nothing more for Christmas than an English runabout with a transmission in the trunk. Better still, is you're the one who has been longing for a duet of Morris Minors since Morrissey and Marr were together on stage in Manchester. There has never been a better time then now. Alan … [Read more...]

France and Italy Show


If you were traveling through L.A.’s San Fernando Valley on the first Sunday in November and experienced a sudden craving for a scoop of gelato, a double espresso, and a few puffs on a Gitanes, chances are you passed within spitting distance of the 2009 edition of the Best of France and Italy car show. With sunny skies above and a soundtrack which included French versions of … [Read more...]