JDM Astro Van and Resurrected Corolla


The resurrection of old Corollas and return of a Chevrolet Astro to the United States from Japan is proof that the end of 2009 is at hand, or that the last Santa Clara gathering of this year is now in the past. The Datsun crew by way of Ratsun Forum showed up with an eclectic mix of rear-drive classics with modern horsepower underhood. The Chevrolet Astro van featured above was … [Read more...]

Forgotten Chevy Truck


There is no finer automobile for around the ranch work than a solid full size pickup truck. This 1963 Chevrolet C20 truck had evidently finished the job. What job? The old Chevy is the sort of truck that Hoss Cartwright would drive into town for some dynamite to blow those stumps out in the west field, if he didn't ride a horse on TV. The patina on this Chevy could only result … [Read more...]

Country Squire Wooden Wagon


The seventies were the absolute zenith of American station wagon manufacture. The flagships of the Ford station wagon fleet featured acres of simulated wood paneling - usually a shade lighter than the millions of sheets of actual dark brown wood paneling used to convert the basements of American split-level homes into rumpus or bar rooms. This fake wood paneling trend began … [Read more...]

Driving a Legend: 1934 Ford Pickup


The Champion Speed Shop 1934 Ford pickup truck is a running legend of hot rod history. Champion Speed Shop founder Jim "The Smiling Irishman" McLennan built the truck for his son Bob McLennan, who now owns and frequently operates the supercharged Chevy powered truck. Not so long ago an opportunity arose to drive this piece of history from South San Francisco to Bakersfield and … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Duct Tape


From the what can't it fix division of Tool of the Week comes the ongoing miracle of duct tape. This sturdy and versatile tape is indispensable weapon in the Clunkbucket Arsenal of Tools, rivaling even bailing wire in its utility. The water repelling adhesive tape was originally made of cotton duck in green for the military. Duck tape was used to help keep ammo cases … [Read more...]