Tool of the Week: Dead Blow Hammer


Direct from the Van Nuys desk of the Tool of the Week aptly named hammers division comes the dead blow hammer, or mallet. There are many hammer-mallets, but none have the unique functionality of the dead blow hammer. Inside the hollow plastic or steel center of the dead blow hammer head is a measure of sand or steel pellet shot. The pellets are similar to those found inside a … [Read more...]

Hopped Up Renault 4CV


Over a million Renault 4CV sedans can't be wrong. Sales of the 4CV hit half a million units in 1954, and surpassed the million mark by 1960. The 4CV was sold here in America, and manufactured under license as the HINO 4CV in Japan. And what's not to like? Rear engine. Developed in total secrecy by a German-occupied WW2 France. Rear wheel drive. Cheap to buy when produced. … [Read more...]

Frozen Volkswagen in Vermont

A rusty old Volkswagen Beetle similar in condition and proximity to this Bug is where it all began. The machine that started our continuing saga of 500-dollar automobiles was a mostly oxidized Bug, just a few years younger this engineless 1968 model. The archetypal Clunkbucket was purchased just north of the Gulf station on Route 7 in Salsbury, Vermont where we saw this blue … [Read more...]

The Great Indoors

Can we get a loud amen, please, for the indoor car show? A couple of weekends ago, we got up very early on a Saturday morning, shot through the morning ritual, and headed our trusty ride from the suburbs down to the beating heart of Detroit to attend the 58th annual Detroit Autorama at Cobo Center, one of the oldest, largest and most widely respected indoor hot rod and custom … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Bench Grinder Buffer


The pine-like Little TreeĀ® was famous long before Miller handed one to Otto the '80s classic movie Repo Man. You find one in every car. You'll see. The shop or home garage is another place this object based continuum occurs. Be it on a bench or pedestal, most every garage or workshop in the land has at some point in its existence contained one (or more) bench grinder … [Read more...]