Surf Punk Toyota Hilux Truck


One of the great mysteries of modern motoring is why anyone would need a pickup truck the size of an Iowa or Yamato class battleship to carry around a circular saw and 20-foot extension cord. Marketing powers tell us that we desire a truck so heavy-duty that a guy with a bucket loader can drop boulders into the bed with such force that the pickup truck will bounce off the … [Read more...]

Kit Car Bonanza!


We know what you're thinking. Ferraris? Porches? WTF? There is no cause for alarm. Not one of the cars shown here is an actual Ferrari or a Porsche, they only sort of look that way. These automobiles are the handiwork of the Association of Handcrafted Automobiles - or AHA. This gathering of fiberglass craftsmanship and Fieros as Ferraris took place at the Wally Parks NHRA … [Read more...]

Spring Fling Upholds Mopar Greatness


Being number one is not necessarily the best. Just ask any Mopar fan. Number three is far better. Maybe existing as the underdog of the American big three had the Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth collective working that much harder to come up with something groundbreaking and innovative. Perhaps being a little smaller allowed for more free thinking and resulting nimble … [Read more...]

Marcos GT made of Wood


In honor of Earth Day we present a car made largely of wood and glue. The 1967 Marcos GT is comprised of a sandwich of plywood and fiberglass that forms its gorgeous monocoque body. The resulting lightweight sports car is underpinned by conventional metal suspension bits, and what we can only assume is a powertrain that employs sophisticated metallurgy instead of Douglas Fir or … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Digital Scale


From the turbocharged G54B-4G54 Astron engine department of Tool of the Week comes the digital scale, shown here in the process of measuring more Astron connecting rods than we have engine blocks to put them in. As yet another Mitsubishi engine buildup is in the near future, a small investment in an inexpensive digital scale seemed a good way to figure out was going on with two … [Read more...]