Behind the Screens at the Indy 500


Editor's note - The man known only as Wrenchski provided this from the Barcalounger and love seat roundup of the 94th running of the Indianapolis 500 in exchange for one mint condition still-in-plastic California Masons Erase Drugs pencil eraser. The lascivious Mrs. Brady does the national anthem justice online as Jewel does it for the TV audience. WTF? At least it didn't get … [Read more...]

1971 Gurney Eagle Olsonite Indy Car

In honor of Memorial Day and the Indianapolis 500 comes this legendary turbocharged Offenhauser powered Indy 500 special from 1971. The racer is not just any Indy car, but one affixed with the original Gurney Flap on its rear wing. We know this because while at the Mickey Thompson: First American to 400 MPH opening, Dan Gurney himself told us that was the case. He also told us … [Read more...]

Indy 500 Hot Wheels


From the endless internets Indy 500 division of Clunkbucket comes this collection of directly and somewhat Indy 500 related Hot Wheels, culled from the vast and apparently growing archive of the Hot Wheels Wiki. Before the days of instantaneous all decades, all the time, on demand information, watching the Indy 500 on the Zenith color TV was the giant motor racing event of the … [Read more...]

Cole Coonce’s Cam Grind: The INDY 500 in Retrospect


In 1997 the recently-formed Indy Racing League was making its first foray into sanctioning an Indianapolis 500 with formula cars powered by a new low-tech spec: naturally-aspirated, production-based, 4-liter V8s. Nobody expected much, as the season-opening races had been judged a disaster by Indy Car pundits and purists, many of whom sided with the rival Championship Auto … [Read more...]

All Toyotafest is All Right


Despite the maelstrom of news surrounding Toyota this year, there are still a great number of people that pledge allegiance to the brand. A good lot of these folks showed up to participate in and be witness to the 15th Annual All Toyotafest on May 15th 2010 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. In the end it was Robert Co of Vallejo, California that took Best of Show … [Read more...]