Distracted by Junk


The Los Angeles Roadsters have wrapped up their 46th exhibition. While we didn't venture into the big show, we did spend quite a bit of time walking the swap meet trying to get our monies worth back from the parking and gate fees. There were certainly many show-quality examples of shaved '32 Fords, pastel-hued Hiboys, and bazillion dollar traditional (don't say rat) rods and … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Super Straight Edge


As we approach the beginning of Mitsubishi Astron engine rebuilding season, it is time for the first in a series of tools that can help get the job done. A quality step in transforming a salvaged engine block into a working short block is checking the deck for flatness. One might think they could lay any old reasonably straight thing across the deck and mark it good, but … [Read more...]

Say Chevy Chevette

The more or less recent edict handed down on high from the guys lighting Cuban cigars with $100 bills at General Motors was that they don't want anyone saying Chevy anymore. Only Chevrolet. This being the case, they would certainly spit gag mouthfuls of their single malt Scotch and lapse into a fits of coughing if someone were to utter the word Chevette. So here goes. Chevy … [Read more...]

Bug-In is Volkswagen History in Motion


The question when talking about the Bug-In is an easy one. Who doesn't like wheelstanding turbocharged Volkswagen Beetles that run 11-second quarter miles at over 100 miles per hour? Anyone? While there is obviously a large amount of Volkswagen and America that that became synonymous with an unfortunate granola munching Hippie shtick in the '60s, an intrepid few eschewed the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Summer in Winter Junkerland


In honor of the first day of summer and breaking news concerning formation of the junk centered megalith of online entertainment here at behemoth Clunkbucket, we take a journey back into 2009 on a walk through Vermont's own famous Rathe's Salvage¬† junkyard. Most locals refer to this place as Rattys, as a term of endearment and a play on words. This rust packed winter √únderland … [Read more...]