Tercel is not a Starlet


Because the mighty Starlet often gets mistaken for a Tercel, we bring you this first generation Toyota Corolla Tercel sedan. Not one but two generations of Tercel were sold alongside the Starlet's four short years in the USA, with the second generation three-door hatchback version appearing to be the primary source of model confusion. The Starlet is not a Tercel for many … [Read more...]

Of the Dodge Mahal and the Destroilet


A 413 cubic inch big block Mopar wedge and modern aerodynamics are two good things to have when it comes time to hit the road behind the wheel of a house. This Travco 270 has not just one, but both these attributes. The Travco was originally marketed as a self-powered, self-contained, complete home-on-wheels. The sixties-era Travcos were indeed a groundbreaking vehicles, … [Read more...]

Tatra Plan and Party


This is not the the first time for rear engine air-cooled Czechoslovakian automobiles and contraptions around here. First there was the Tatra. For motoring across the vast snow-covered plains of Mother Russia, a purpose-built Tatra snowmobile. Ham and eggs for breakfast near Chinatown in Los Angeles? Time for yet another, modern Tatra 603. This is, however, a first for … [Read more...]

The Million Franc


This 1937 Delahaye Type 145 V12 Grand Prix racer is also known by its more famous moniker - The Million Franc! In an an effort to best records set by German and Italian Grand Prix machines, French leadership and the Automobile Club of France announced The Prix du Million, with a grand prize of one million Francs to the first French race car to best the standing track record at … [Read more...]

Five Tips for DIY Automobile Repair


You are one of the intrepid few that revel in the satisfaction of fixing automobiles yourself. You enjoy building things no matter the cost or even unfortunate result. While that unintentionally cubist home made book shelf in the living room may lean more towards Braque than Picasso, it represents a valuable lesson learned for the next square and far more rectangular … [Read more...]