jack_upThere two distinct schools of motoring. On one side are those who aspire to purchase the best and fastest automobile money can buy. On the other side are those who find a machine they can afford, and somehow make it the best and fastest automobile their money can buy. Clunkbucket tends to fall onto the other side. Clunkbucket was founded on the tradition of buying an automobile and making it better and at least running better than it was. A 40-plus year chronicle of owning and maintaining econoboxes and classics alike has honed our skills in this area. Follow along as we do everything from change the oil to swap engines into the world’s finest automobiles. Clunkbucket is the place for the unsung heroes of your automotive universe.


  1. Zack says

    Bravo! I’m tired of reading about modern cars. I’ve found my new favorite, daily visit website.

    Keep it up!

  2. says

    It looks great! Supercars are cool and all, but eventually boring to those who’ll never own one (like me). I’ve added you to my “daily” favs folder. The content is great so far. Keep up the good work!

  3. eastaboga says

    Great concept, keep the oldies comin’!

    Now, is that an Austin American in the banner?

  4. says

    Good to see Mr. BlueGloves back in action.

    I’ve got a driveway full of a double dose of Project Car Hell, if you’re ever wanting for content.

    I’m within potato cannon range of Herr Lieberman.

  5. Chris says

    Thanks for doing this. In the days where everyone want to own a Riddler winner, it’s good to see some common sense and a general love for cars. I own muscle, German, and Japanese cars never found a place that embraces all of them. I was made aware of your site through Bangshift.com via Brian Lohnes. [who is just as crazy as we are – ed]

    Look forward to watching it grow, you’ve been bookmarked.

  6. Kern says

    Great site! Can’t wait for more. Maybe a place for reader’s rides?
    Keep up the good work.

  7. casadelshawn says

    @ eastaboga; No, those cars appear to be: (left to right) Ameri-tank (looks GM-ish to me), Honda 600, and Fiat 600.
    That picture looks like it was taken on the East wall of the A Foreign Auto yard at Tuxford and Telfair in Sun Valley, CA. I’m going on a rusty memory, but that sounds right.
    Mike? Jonny?

    Great site, guys! Can’t wait to see where it will take you!

  8. casadelshawn says

    Ah, I should have remembered the Multipla! We were looking at taking one on as a project a few years ago. Meh, I was close.

  9. D.Throttle Monkey says

    BUMBECK! What the truck? I think the last time I saw you, you where lookin for parts for your Baracuda at Pick-N-Pull in the K car section. If your in the Bay Area let me know, Im enduro racing now and could always use a good “co-driver”. Nothing says fast like a 78 Thunderbird…

  10. Phil Scott says

    Hey Mike,
    This is certainly an alternate use of your journalistic skills. Let me know if you have any interest in Aussie cars or maybe some of our exotic imports which are different to what is available in the US.

  11. says


    Have lost, misplaced, whatever … yer e-address
    I love yer new site, very cool
    Call me when back from TSS… I owe you lunch at a local Mexican Food dive called “Chica’s” right up the street in Irwindale.

    Your fan,


  12. Will Owen says

    I believe I have found my tribe!

    I drove our Alfa 164S to the BoF&I show this weekend, parked it amongst its brethren, and then spent about half my time there wishing I could swap it for the very pretty blue Fiat 128 that was for sale. As I wish to keep company with my wife I didn’t even try… but the cars I’ve loved best were the Fiats, the Hillman Huskies, the BMC Minis. Lord, how I wanted a Multipla! And still do…

    Anyway, you’re bookmarked. See ya around.

  13. Moshe says

    Wow, this is right up my ally. This is the kind of thing I love to do and hear about. I’ve got plenty to contribute as well. Lovely.

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