Biggest Ruckus

bowls_la_leadIf you happen to be in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles and hear a motorized ruckus rolling down the boulevard, chances are it will the the Bowls LA crew. Taking a stock Honda Ruckus onto the ninth level of customization is the best two-wheeled idea since a Honda put an inline four under the gas tank of the CB750 back in 1969. The Bowls crew brought some of their finest Ruckus out to the SEMA show. They also sell and install all of the good stuff one might need to squeeze enough horsepower out of a Ruckus to push it to a 70 mph top speed. Hanging out with the rest of the Ruckus was a turbocharged Ruckus packing a modified engine from a Ruckus knock off for 150 cubic centimeters of boosted Ruckus. Mushroom air filter and twice pipes made for total win. Check out Bowls LA if you need a pair of PF Flyers for you feet, or a Gokubuto Kit for your Ruckus.

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    Really freaking cool! I’ve always had a thing for the Ruckus because it doesn’t look like a scooter (read: Vespa) and has a sort of off road vibe going on. Those are pretty sick little bikes. I’d rock one!