boss_pintoFrom the twice as good department comes not one, but two Ford Pintos. The ’72 Pinto with the American Racing Libre wheels belongs to Mike Streets, and is an award winning genuine BOSS PINTO – Hot Pants edition. Really. The chin spoiler, body cladding, rear spoiler, and stripe package all add up to factory-original ’70s awesome. Mike infused some of his own Pinto road racing heritage into the 2.0L mill along with a set of Weber side drafts. The yellow ’72 with the Thunderbird wheels tucked up under the fenders belongs to Paul Sanguinetti, who joined Mike out on the lawn at the Goodguys show to help bring the Runabouts back. These guys and a rag tag fugitive fleet of FoMoCo faithful are on their way to to SoCal to make the 24th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever over 40 Pintos more boss.

More: Ford Pinto Car Club of America


  1. Myron Vernis says

    Gotta’ love Pintos! My first new car ever was a leftover ’75 Runabout in pumpkin orange. I sold my last one, a 9,000 original mile chartreuse sedan to a Canadian collector just a couple years ago. All I need now is an original “factory” Pangra.

  2. casadelshawn says

    Never heard of the Pangra until today. Yay! I learnt sumpin’!
    I see “Pinto Mike” around Hayward from time to time; the Boss is really nice.

  3. Tomsk says

    If Ford made Boss Pintos, then someone needs to make a phantom Chevy equivalent. “Vega Z/14″ has a nice ring to it, doncha think?

  4. Bill says

    In the early ’70’s I was in the service stationed in Northern California for a while, and remember seeing Pinto Bosses at the local Ford dealer when they were new.