39th Annual Citroën Rendezvous


Once each year the greater Saratoga, New York area plays host to the gathering of all things Franco-Automotive known as the Citroën Rendezvous brought to you by Drive She Said! This year marked the 39th annual gathering, with a bonanza of French cars descending the staircase of roadways from thousands of miles around for a extra long weekend of fun. Starting with a dinner on a … [Read more...]

Doctor Bennett Auction Roundup


Doctor Bennett himself opened up the Bennett Collection auction with an introduction and a few remarks. What drives a man to build a collection of everything from Hillman Imps to Halibrand Shrike Indy race cars is difficult to sum up, but the Doc abides. "There are two great passions that rule my life. Automobiles and medicine. I'm still doing both. I'm still running a general … [Read more...]

Turbocharged Minivans and Lasers


Today marks recognition of the unsung yet pioneering heroes of the four-cylinder turbocharged production automobile universe. These are the Eighties turbocharged Mopar four-cylinders. Long before you could buy a universal turbocharger kit of questionable origin and functionality off eBay for a few hundred bucks, you could step up to your local Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth dealer and … [Read more...]

Now and Later Turbo Pinto Wagon


Mike Streets could have crammed one of many and readily available Ford V8 mills into the engine bay of his 1974 Pinto Wagon. Instead he chose to transplant a 2.3-liter single overhead cam turbocharged four-banger from a 1988 Ford Thunderbird in place of the aspirated stocker. Why? "A V8 would have been too easy", said Mike - who is a former SCCA Pinto road racer and current … [Read more...]

The Jim Backus Old-Fashioned Award: Ferrari 330 GTS


We first encountered this Ferrari in true Clunkbucket fashion. The owner, Scott Isquick of Pepper Pike, Ohio, was having a little trouble getting it started outside the post-show banquet at the 2008 Greenwich Concours. Finally, the 4.0 liter V12 caught, interrupting the sharp mechanical shriek of the starter. The ‘67 motored off into the Connecticut darkness, leaving a dark … [Read more...]