Delica Starwagon of the Commonwealth

1989 Mitsubishi Delica Starwagon

The Mitsubishi Delica made its debut in 1968, and is now in its fifth generation. The Delica moniker was coined from the contraction the English words delivery and car. The Delica was sold in light commercial truck and van versions, and was in its third generation of production when this 1989 Delica Starwagon 4WD low roof was built, featuring unitbody construction with a … [Read more...]

Doctor Bennett Auction Roundup


Doctor Bennett himself opened up the Bennett Collection auction with an introduction and a few remarks. What drives a man to build a collection of everything from Hillman Imps to Halibrand Shrike Indy race cars is difficult to sum up, but the Doc abides. "There are two great passions that rule my life. Automobiles and medicine. I'm still doing both. I'm still running a general … [Read more...]

In a Word: Vermontero


Driving with eighties turbocharged technology across the disintegrating concrete expanses of the greater Los Angeles area was all fine and good for the likes of the Starion. New England is a different story. After the 2011 Snowpocalypse and subsequent summer flood fest of a hurricane and tropical storm, it became clear a different sort of automobile was required for the frost … [Read more...]

Vermont or Bust


We finally got the upper case I key on the old Underwood typewriter fixed, so now is the time for a first person missive pertaining to recent developments. You may have noticed a break in the action around here at the mighty Clunkbucket. No, I have not sold out to clandestine publishing interests in Moldova. The bad news is I won't be hanging out in California as much as I have … [Read more...]

Dodge Colt Time Machine


The story behind this time capsule 1977 Dodge Colt has the makings for a great one liner joke. Did you hear the one about the Mitsubishi Lancer, the late seventies, a Dodge, and the used car salesman wearing a 10-gallon hat while riding a dog named spot - that was really an elephant? We didn't either. The punchline is 100% original custom paint job on this otherwise all stock … [Read more...]