Vermont or Bust


We finally got the upper case I key on the old Underwood typewriter fixed, so now is the time for a first person missive pertaining to recent developments. You may have noticed a break in the action around here at the mighty Clunkbucket. No, I have not sold out to clandestine publishing interests in Moldova. The bad news is I won't be hanging out in California as much as I have … [Read more...]

Detroit Spotlight 1966


The best part about having musty old car magazines from the '60s is reading press releases about how by 1971, we would all be driving electric cars that ran on batteries comprised of then futuristic exotic materials. In the Detroit Spotlight department of a December 1966 issue of Motor Trend magazine is a small photo of a 1931 Detroit Electric Model 99, accompanied by the news … [Read more...]

No to Cash for Clunkers


While new cars are not what Clunkbucket is about, there is legislation afoot that could well destroy the future of American automotive history before it even gets a chance to happen. There's not much that gets me teeth grinding tire gnashing mad anymore, except things like this so-called Cash for Clunkers program. Of this writing, it's hard to tell exactly what the poorly … [Read more...]