Ford Falcon Supra Sedan


In a post-modern world running with a global economy, it was only a matter of time before seeing a late-sixties compact Ford Falcon wearing eighties-era Toyota Supra wheels at the boneyard. This Falcon sedan was missing its drivetrain, but still wearing the alloy Supra wheels, which evidently share the same four-lug spacing with jet-age Fords. The Falcon also packed a few extra … [Read more...]

Quad-4 but no Quad Laser


This late eighties front-wheel drive Oldsmobile Cutlass Calias may or may not became a collectors item or the stand as the greatest car ever made. Under the hood is what counts. The General Motors Olds division special, shown here on its final road trip, packed the first production dual overhead cam four-cylinder engine GM ever produced in house. The year? 1987. The engine? The … [Read more...]

Tercel is not a Starlet


Because the mighty Starlet often gets mistaken for a Tercel, we bring you this first generation Toyota Corolla Tercel sedan. Not one but two generations of Tercel were sold alongside the Starlet's four short years in the USA, with the second generation three-door hatchback version appearing to be the primary source of model confusion. The Starlet is not a Tercel for many … [Read more...]

New Hope in Dodge Colt Wagon

From a long time ago, in a junkyard not that far away, comes this Dodge Colt Station wagon. The Colt is from a time when forces of economy gripped the nation. Escalating gas prices caused Americans to abandon their full-size automobiles for smaller, more thrifty versions. With Mopar there was no compromise, along with a new hope. One could choose from a full-size Dodge Diplomat … [Read more...]

Longroof Rides to Surf No More


In celebration and hope that most of America made it through the Independence Day weekend without starting a conflagration or losing a finger, we bring you this last in long line of American longroof family chariots. This 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park station wagon represents the beginning of the end for purebred full-size American wagons. As hard as it is to believe … [Read more...]