One-Dollar Taco Bailout Plan


While the junkyard floor may serve as great inspiration for engine swaps, or trigger a fresh want for a car or truck which had up to that moment been long since forgotten, it is not a source for fresh or even remotely safe cuisine. No matter how hungry you are while out mining greasy gold inside the junkyard, never eat any food found on the premises or in the vehicles. Even … [Read more...]

Nobody’s Name on My Behind


Just when you thought nearly everyone had well and truly forgotten about your Cazal and Adidas Superstar wearing days comes this 1984 Ford Thunderbird FILA Edition from a junkyard long ago. The FILA and ELAN Thunderbird editions were offered as part of the top of the line 1984 FoMoCo fleet, and were the only new additions to the Ford Thunderbird lineup in that same model year. … [Read more...]

Take it Easy, Turbo


Turbocharged automobile engines are experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks in part to a more performance and efficiency minded consumer hive. This new swell of turbo madness would in fact be the second wave. The first wave of production turbocharged rockets occurred in the Eighties, as fuel control systems drifted away from carburetors and into computerized multipoint … [Read more...]

V-8 Chevy Monza Power


Following in the forward thinking footsteps of the Chevrolet Vega was the Monza. While the Monza was still in the future it was slated for Chevrolet Rotary engine power, but the program was scuppered and the production Monza never saw the engine of tomorrow. This particular Monza 2+2 still had its 350 cubic inch V-8 stuffed into the engine bay. Even with 5.7 liters of … [Read more...]

Ford Falcon Supra Sedan


In a post-modern world running with a global economy, it was only a matter of time before seeing a late-sixties compact Ford Falcon wearing eighties-era Toyota Supra wheels at the boneyard. This Falcon sedan was missing its drivetrain, but still wearing the alloy Supra wheels, which evidently share the same four-lug spacing with jet-age Fords. The Falcon also packed a few extra … [Read more...]