Hot Rodding Electric Cars


It was just a few years into living that we gained knowledge of modifying electric cars for more power and increased velocity. Digging through the Clunkbucket Collection, we found an original Aurora Thunderjet car that was hopped up as a father-son project to beat the guy in the other lane. From what little we can remember, this procedure involved hand wrapping more copper … [Read more...]

Distracted by Junk


The Los Angeles Roadsters have wrapped up their 46th exhibition. While we didn't venture into the big show, we did spend quite a bit of time walking the swap meet trying to get our monies worth back from the parking and gate fees. There were certainly many show-quality examples of shaved '32 Fords, pastel-hued Hiboys, and bazillion dollar traditional (don't say rat) rods and … [Read more...]

Indy 500 Hot Wheels


From the endless internets Indy 500 division of Clunkbucket comes this collection of directly and somewhat Indy 500 related Hot Wheels, culled from the vast and apparently growing archive of the Hot Wheels Wiki. Before the days of instantaneous all decades, all the time, on demand information, watching the Indy 500 on the Zenith color TV was the giant motor racing event of the … [Read more...]