The Million Franc


This 1937 Delahaye Type 145 V12 Grand Prix racer is also known by its more famous moniker - The Million Franc! In an an effort to best records set by German and Italian Grand Prix machines, French leadership and the Automobile Club of France announced The Prix du Million, with a grand prize of one million Francs to the first French race car to best the standing track record at … [Read more...]

Measuring Honda CR-Z Performance


For those who ponder how aftermarket parts and performance upgrades are available as soon as an automobile hits the market, this Honda CR-Z measuring session is the answer. The Specialty Equipment Marketing Association, or SEMA, brings the big car makers together with aftermarket gurus far enough ahead so that the good stuff is ready for action as soon as the automobile is. The … [Read more...]

Breaker Points Ignition Upgrade

Along with technological miracles of the '60's and '70s such as urethane skateboard wheels and mood rings came the advent of transistorized electronic ignition. With no moving parts to wear out, this modern advancement relegated breaker points ignition to the trash bin of automotive technological history. Breaker points cause the ignition dwell to change as they wear out, … [Read more...]

Slicing into a Sixties Charger


Most folks think of automobiles comprised of parts that are fitted together with no imperfections or miscarved lines to ruin the illusion of perfection. While this may be somewhat true of a car or truck made in the last ten years or so, it is certainly not the case of an automobile manufactured as recently as the eighties. Dip back into the sixties and things get even more … [Read more...]

Return of Bluebird


For 1966, Datsun went to 11. The durable and Pininfarina-styled Datusn P410 was stepped up with more engine and became the Datsun P411. In 2004 Pete Peterson found this 1967 Datsun RL411 Bluebird SSS wearing various shades of blue and surface rust, and woke it up from a 20-year junkyard slumber. The chronicle of the this Datsun is one of two cars, forty years, and a meandering … [Read more...]