Dodge Colt Time Machine


The story behind this time capsule 1977 Dodge Colt has the makings for a great one liner joke. Did you hear the one about the Mitsubishi Lancer, the late seventies, a Dodge, and the used car salesman wearing a 10-gallon hat while riding a dog named spot - that was really an elephant? We didn't either. The punchline is 100% original custom paint job on this otherwise all stock … [Read more...]

His Saab is an Angry Saab


Special to Clunkbucket by Peter Peter Hughes Interstate 81 northbound, between Binghamton and Syracuse. Leaving New York City that morning I'd subconsciously registered a hint of additional depth to the Saab's normally throaty exhaust note, but it isn't until a fuel stop somewhere in Pennsylvania that I think to actually look underneath the car, and discover the exhaust just … [Read more...]

Land of Rust Toyota FJ60


From the California mythology department of our broken dreams division comes this Toyota FJ-60 Land Cruiser in Vermont. This rusted through example of one tough 4X4 truck serves as a reminder of what to look for before purchasing that old rust bucket restoration project. While the rust is somewhat obvious here, peeling up a carpet or two and looking for hidden rust is a good … [Read more...]

A Lot of Little Dodge


From the captive import department of our long-term corporate relationships division comes this Dodge Colt four-door sedan. Under a mild job of Dodge re-branding, this compact sedan is a purebred Mitsubishi Colt, and an early example of a corporate manufacturing partnership that lasted for over thirty years. As has, evidently, this Dodge Colt. Rally-equipped Mitsubishi versions … [Read more...]

Of the Dodge Mahal and the Destroilet


A 413 cubic inch big block Mopar wedge and modern aerodynamics are two good things to have when it comes time to hit the road behind the wheel of a house. This Travco 270 has not just one, but both these attributes. The Travco was originally marketed as a self-powered, self-contained, complete home-on-wheels. The sixties-era Travcos were indeed a groundbreaking vehicles, … [Read more...]