It’s Not a Trooper!


As soon-to-be Governor of California once famously said about a headache in the Nineties movie classic Kindergarten Cop, it's not a toomer, uhm - tumor, which has everything to do with the apparent confusion between the first generation Mitsubishi Montero and Isuzu Trooper. Even at the annual state inspection of the Vermontero, the proprietor of service station told someone to … [Read more...]

Dodge Colt Time Machine


The story behind this time capsule 1977 Dodge Colt has the makings for a great one liner joke. Did you hear the one about the Mitsubishi Lancer, the late seventies, a Dodge, and the used car salesman wearing a 10-gallon hat while riding a dog named spot - that was really an elephant? We didn't either. The punchline is 100% original custom paint job on this otherwise all stock … [Read more...]

His Saab is an Angry Saab


Special to Clunkbucket by Peter Peter Hughes Interstate 81 northbound, between Binghamton and Syracuse. Leaving New York City that morning I'd subconsciously registered a hint of additional depth to the Saab's normally throaty exhaust note, but it isn't until a fuel stop somewhere in Pennsylvania that I think to actually look underneath the car, and discover the exhaust just … [Read more...]

Land of Rust Toyota FJ60


From the California mythology department of our broken dreams division comes this Toyota FJ-60 Land Cruiser in Vermont. This rusted through example of one tough 4X4 truck serves as a reminder of what to look for before purchasing that old rust bucket restoration project. While the rust is somewhat obvious here, peeling up a carpet or two and looking for hidden rust is a good … [Read more...]

A Lot of Little Dodge


From the captive import department of our long-term corporate relationships division comes this Dodge Colt four-door sedan. Under a mild job of Dodge re-branding, this compact sedan is a purebred Mitsubishi Colt, and an early example of a corporate manufacturing partnership that lasted for over thirty years. As has, evidently, this Dodge Colt. Rally-equipped Mitsubishi versions … [Read more...]