Crash Nationals Roundup

crash_nationalsBecause getting the absolute last mile out of cars while extracting maximum entertainment is what we’re all about around here comes this roundup of the Crash Nationals at Petaluma Speedway. The Enduro racing formula is simple. Take in a heap of cars and drivers and line them up on a freshly groomed dirt three-eighth mile speedway. Passengers are also allowed. Let them take few laps to make a groove around the track while some stragglers make it into the field. Drop the green light unleash 200 laps of chaos! This particular race brought the return of the Enduring Corolla, more than one Ford Falcon, and an amazing showing by a well and truly destroyed Volvo. In the end it was Rich Denman and his ’73 Monte Carlo that took home the Bondo money against well-creased veterans and freshly dented newcomers alike in this West Coast Enduro season finale. The Porta Powers of winter should bring more racing action come springtime.

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  1. says

    That looks like a lot of fun, though this east-coaster is wincing at the destruction of such a straight and rust-free falcon. Is the on-track pic of the Volvo the before or after shot of the pipe-wrench fix?

  2. says

    Looks like a righteous night out. I’m particularly proud of the Volvo. In my opinion, most of the old, 70’s and up General Motors products are best used for such pursuits. Lumbering oafs with more brawn than balance or poise are well-suited for sliding around haphazardly in a circle and running into things. This is a sport where even the ugliest of cars can be beautiful. Give them a chance to scrape a shred of worth off the soggy, rutted track and entertain the crowd to the very end. It’s very close to Thunderdome. “Two men enter. One man leaves.” Only, here it looks like 40+ men entered. How many left?

  3. says

    I find myself instinctively mourning all the pre-Gerald-Ford cars here, but my natural protect-the-Volvo inclination is strangely absent here. I think that 740 is simply doing what it was designed to do – just keep going.

  4. USA#1 says

    They have no buisness ruining those fine rust free cars in this kind of competition. Use all the Hyundais and wasted Camry’s you want but not a 30-40 year old car.

  5. Mad_Science says

    As a California resident, I see anything pre-smog as much more desirable. Post-75 and it’s a free-for-all. Unencumbered by EGR, Electro-vacuum carbs, and maybe with some higher-compression pistons and those malaise-y ~400s can really wake up.

    Falcon’s a little hard to see, but the 60-63s with I6s and 2-speed autos or 3-on-the-trees go for under $2k every day out here.

  6. says

    Man, this looks like a real hoot. Damn shame about the yellow Falcon, too nice a car to wreck like this. That Caprice would be the right car for this, they’ll take plenty of abuse.