Fiat Multipla Revealed

fiat_multiplaWe know what you’re thinking. Please no, not the new Multipla! Fear not. We would never do that to you. As there have been a few questions about the contraptions on the header image, we dug through the Clunkbucket photo archives to solve the mystery. The tank on the left remains mysterious. It is some sort of movie car, based possibly on a Chrysler or Ford chassis judging from the Mopar cop wheels. The beauty in the middle is a Honda AN600. The glorious machine on the right is the modern Fiat Mutlipla shown here. The versatile Fiat 600-based Multipla came in four, five, and even six-seat versions. With a four-pot rear mounted engine driving the rear wheels, the Multipla boasted a top speed of nearly 60 miles per hour. Back in the Los Angeles days we used to spend quite a bit of time down in Sun Valley at the Aadlen Bros, whose surrounding walls are crowned with interesting rides like this spawn of Topolino.

More: 1960 Fiat Multipla from the Microcar Museum


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    I thought I recognized those from my trip there last weekend.

    Watched a new-to-the-yard ~’94 Corolla get dropped…it was like piranhas on carrion. The thing was down to the hard-to-pull parts in about 15 minutes.

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    What an interesting find… We will be bringing it’s 21st Century namesake to the US for a cross country trip this Fall. Hopefully it doesn’t scare you yanks too much! There is more on our website about the Multipla and other cars that have made the USA trip. Jim