Ford Falcon Supra Sedan

ford-falcon-supra-leadIn a post-modern world running with a global economy, it was only a matter of time before seeing a late-sixties compact Ford Falcon wearing eighties-era Toyota Supra wheels at the boneyard. This Falcon sedan was missing its drivetrain, but still wearing the alloy Supra wheels, which evidently share the same four-lug spacing with jet-age Fords. The Falcon also packed a few extra 1157 light bulbs, one broken square tail light assembly, and two features we would like to see return to the world of economy automobiles – bench front seating and column shift. Perhaps the former Ford Falcon owner saw a few images of an Australian Ford Falcon GT Super Roo sedan, and bolted up the Supra hoops in place of the stock pizza cutters on the way to constructing a 351-powered American road-going approximation of the Bathurst-winning Australian muscle car.

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  1. Keith says

    Clean 289/302 v8’s come up on ebay. The 4 door would less likely be abused. Too bad for this one. Nice Grill. Adding a mustang dash, some buckets and a built 351 would make you stand apart from the crowd. Source some Oz grills, tailights, interior and you would have a cool ride.

  2. says

    A year or two ago there was a ’60-63 Falcon Ranchero on LA Craigslist with a 7MGE (non-turbo) Supra motor and 5-speed stick in it.

    Odd swap, but it looked decently done. The ~150hp 7MGE was no monster, but definitely an upgrade over the base 144, 170 I6s or even 260 V8, especially with the 5-speed.

    It had Saab wheels.