Japanese Classic Car Show Roundup

2009jccs_leadBecause we need Cressida station wagons with genuine simulated wood grain paneling and Datsuns with honeycomb hubcabs now more than ever before comes this photo roundup of the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show. Over 400 cars from as far off locales as Pennsylvania lined up early on Saturday to descend into the Hidden Valley in Irvine, California. Everything from trailered in over the top drag race specials to motored in under their own power low mileage survivors made it down onto the breezy lawn. Throngs of fans that think cars should be at the least interesting and at the most a wicked good time walked in to enjoy the show. The head spinning number of Japanese classics was almost overwhelming, but the variety of styles proved that no matter what sort of econobox or race car turns your crankshaft – finding, driving, fixing, and showing them off can be entertaining for all.

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  1. Mike the Dog says

    The Sunny Ute was sold in Japan? I was under the impression that those were only built and sold in South Africa.

  2. Mad_Science says

    I was brought home from the hospital in a brown, wood-grained, late 70s Toyota Corolla wagon.

    I think it eventually ended up in the hands of a Bay Area highschool or JC auto shop class.

  3. says

    What a good time! I spent the weekend at a rally where anything with a Mitsubishi badge on it died.

    Such neat cars. Makes me sad my dad’s old Corona hadn’t blown up on him. He just gave it to the tow truck driver in exchange for a ride home one night. Would have made an awesome project car.

  4. says

    The Sunny Ute has been sold in Japan? I had the impression that they only think I built and sold in South Africa, it finally landed in the hands of a Bay Area high school or JC Class Car Service