Kalamazoo Custom Deluxe

kalamazoo_handlingSeen here is what happens when one 1976 Kalamazoo airplane tug, a Wisconsin two-banger engine, and the widest set of slot mags around are forged into awesome. Russ and Lisa Hudson picked up this machine a few years back to serve as support not for an airplane, but as a pit side vehicle for their Got Nuts nine-second 1941 Willys coupe. Russ bought the genuine US Indy slot mags at the scrap yard for the princely sum of 40 bucks! Additional cutting and fabrication brought the wheels in line with the rest of things.  Some rear disc brakes along with dual bench seating, and the Kalamazoo was ready for action. Russ guestimates the Wisconsin air-cooled two-cylinder packs an estimated 20 horsepower, but says there’s more than enough torque to keep things moving at legal pit speeds while providing maximum entertainment.


  1. Myron Vernis says

    They just need to clone the wing from the Willys for this to be perfect!