Project Starlet

toyota_starletInterest in the Toyota Starlet began after rolling the Mitsubishi Starion down to the 2005 Japanese Classic Car Show. Seeing a few restified examples of the mighty KP61 on the lawn, followed by a stripped out Starlet junkyard reminder had the hatchback added to the car want list. The 1982 Starlet seen here was found in the local Recycler, and purchased for a cash price of 300 dollars. A ride over on a bicycle with cash in pocket, a walk back to the car from the parts house with an econo-battery, and the Starlet was driving home to Montrose with bike in hatch. The Starlet is shown here a few years back in Huntington Beach, California wearing a set of junkyard-scrounged 13-inch US INDY slot mags. These wheels were rescued on half-price day from a ’70s Toyota Corolla SR5 liftback. As the Starlet currently serves as Clunkbucket official transport, stay tuned for all manner of maintenance, restoration, and performance-oriented mayhem featuring the Starlet as an economical model.


  1. says

    $300!!? Bargain! A Starlet in that shape here would be more like $2000! Very sought after this side of the Atlantic, especially by the the Irish for some unfathomable reason.

  2. says

    HEY, didn’t I see that same shitbox late one night on I-210, sans headlights, sandwiched between a minivan and a Tahoe — all running at 70 mph? Also thought I detected suspicious aroma escaping from both “support” vehicles, though it might’a just been the Hell Eh smog and/or refineries and/or ancient four-banger in sandwiched Starlet. Quite a convoy, that was!

  3. says

    “Clunkbucket official transport”… Wow, you guys really are going bigtime! 8-}>
    Forgot to say great post. Looking forward to reading the next one!

  4. Starvin' Artist says

    Oh man nice find… Sell it to me now for a whopping $400! Really do it… Do it…