Shrunken Fury Makes it Big

shrunken-fury-bigFrom the shrunken heads department of our northern California Plymouth desk comes the report that the Shrunken Fury is not only mostly finished, but has made the cigar-chomping fat cat big time world of printed media. Shortened Mopar idea man and builder Alan Rutter himself relayed the good news that the Fury custom coupe that Plymouth never made is now gracing the pages of the July 2010 edition of Popular Hot Rodding magazine. It was difficult to see a finished anything when we first saw the Plymouth in two large dissimilar chunks on his shop floor. Alan says that at times even he didn’t even really know what he had unleashed by slicing up the Fury. Perseverance paid off. After seeing the finished and painted Fury up at Thunderhill during some sort of racing mayhem named after a tart yellow fruit, we enlisted some pals in order to get a few shots of the Fury in motion while Alan pummeled the Faster Farms ’66 Plymouth Belvedere around the race course. Huzzah for a true Moparnaut.

Special thanks to Tom, Elana, the ultra-smooth ride of their Dodge Polara, and Al’s Rapid Transit for making these photos possible. Popular Hot Rodding magazine is available at your favorite newsstand or other fine booksellers.

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  1. says

    So the car above was once a 4-door, correct? I’m digging the lines on this one. It’s almost fuselage-like from the side in the way it’s “thinner” at the rear. The eye can go from one end of the car to the other, following the silhouette against the background, and picking up more of the original styling elements. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely familiar with the Fury in general, but I’m really digging this setup.

    Curious, though, I’m sure there were plenty of haters and shit-talkers while this project was underway. Why not shrink the badge on the rear quarter? Say, chop two letters off for the haters? Ideally, the last two letters, yeah?

  2. Bob Ballew says

    Very cool! Welcome to the shortened car club! I have the “Kumquat” (at this site) and the “Short” ’56 Chevy wagon mentioned in the same article. Good Job!
    Bob Ballew