Slant 6 Gathering

slant_sixLeaning Tower of Power fans should mark their calendars for the upcoming Slant 6 Gathering on September 27th 2009 in Redwood City, California. This annual social event is the place for an old slant sixer to learn new tricks, a new slant sixer to find new pals, and the stalwart few who are hardy enough to want to race a slant six to find out how. Since we know you’ve been looking for that NOS ’66 Valiant tail light lens for years, the good news is a small from-the-trunk parts exchange is part of the deal. Daily drivers and project cars are especially encouraged to attend. V8-powered A-body Mopars are welcome too. Those inclined to snack are encouraged to bring a pic-a-nic lunch. The event starts at 10AM, with an economical suggested donation of just five bucks.

More information on the Slant 6 Gathering. Use this handy map so you don’t get lost.


  1. Pastor of Muppets says

    I went to Slant 6 night at a North Carolina drag strip one night last year, and I fell in love — with the girl selling Porter Wagoner bobble heads. But the cars were very cool too. The sound of a twin-turbocharged Slantie that’s been force-fed nitrous from a bottle the size of a Coors keg is one lovely noise indeed.

  2. casadelshawn says

    Will Dr. Dodge be in attendance? If you don’t know about Doug Dutra, you better axs somebody!