So Neat They Are

Saab Sonett I

When most folks hear “Saab Sonett,” their thoughts immediately turn to handsomely awkward fiberglass FWD coupes racing to 60 mph in 12.5 seconds flat thanks to a Ford sourced V4 engine. But that’s the mid-60s Sonett II. This friends, is the OG Swede racer aka the Sonett I. Desinged in a barn near Trollhättan by four guys named Rolf, Sven, Gotta and Olle (really), the Sonett was firt shown to the world in March of 1956 at the Stockholm Bilsalong (auto show). The plan called for 2,000 Sonetts in 1957. Sadly, the world at large wasn’t ready for a 1,300 pound Swedish roadster powered by a 57 hp two-stroke 748 cc three-banger, as only six Sonett I roadsters were ever built. But at least there were six. The Sonett’s name came from the Swedish, “Så nätt den är.” So neat they are, indeed. [photo Martin Bergstrand]


  1. Paul Anderson says

    I love these, and the Erik Carlsson era 96s…screw hybrids, it’s all about 2strokes.

  2. says

    Thanks for remembering. I drove in one years ago. You did so much gear stirring that it felt much faster than it was. The kind of fun that made the first Brit invasion of sports cars so special.