Suzuki Cervo Bonanza


From our Japan bureau comes this customized later seventies vintage Suzuki Cervo coupe. According to the materials at the mighty Clunkbucket research lab, this car featured a 3-cylinder 539 cubic centimeter air-cooled engine mounted transversely out back that spun the rear wheels with nearly 40 horsepower! Exported versions of the coupe were rumored to have been sent out equipped with a water cooled four-banger. This stylish Cervo comes from some car show mania that we sadly missed. For more examples of what happens when American hot rod and kustom mayhem intersects with Japanese car culture head on over to the home of Crown Classics.



  1. says

    The thing I love about Japanese classics is how you don’t realize how small they are until you’re given another car or person for reference.

    Until I saw the picture with the dude in it, I assumed this car was 1st-gen CVCC sized; then I realized it was smaller than a 600.

    Also: what’s with the yellow flap thing?

  2. says

    We got the H2O cooled ‘big block’ 970cc powerhouse here in the UK, pumping out a whole SEVEN ponies more than Japan got!

  3. Aperture says

    That thing is super cool looking. It would be awesome to mount a Hayabusa motor in that thing.

  4. Myron Vernis says

    If the Japanese had sent good stuff like this to the States, I would have become a fan of their cars at a much younger age.

  5. TV's Paul Y. says

    That thing is so adorable! It must be a hoot to drive – even with 40 horses, it’s got to have decent power for it’s size. It’s approaching ‘enclosed gokart’ dimensions.

  6. Koich says

    Hi Mad_Science. The yellow flap thing is the plate. They blanked out the letters and so forth. So it looks like a yellow flap. All vehicles under 660cc and a certain bodysize (aka SMALL!) run a yellow plate in Japan.

  7. Tomsk says

    Ass-engined nihon slot car that’s only slightly larger than an actual slot car? Yes!