Swap Meet: Bowling Green Edition

DixcoThe glamour of the road recently brought Clunkbucket to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway Park. A slow walk around the swap meet netted a deal on a ultra rare Tiger in the near 100 percent humidity. According to legend, Tiger mufflers occasionally appeared from a parked semi trailer somewhere near Celina, Ohio. Every once in a while the trailer would be liberated of a few mufflers, which in turn ended up bolted onto to local exhausts. The seller said it was one of only three of the Tigers he had ever seen, but since he had since found a nicer example, he made us an offer that we couldn’t refuse. “If you take that with you right now, you can have it”. Deal!

More: Awesome video and photo action from the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion over at BANGShift.com


  1. says

    You brought the Big Daddy tach back with you ….didn’t you? It would be very period correct in the 60 Chevy short bed, don’t cha know?

  2. Mad_Science says

    Future home of The Tiger? Did you get one or two? I’ve got a ’67 Ford Country Sedan begging for a 2.5″ dual exhaust system with period character…

  3. Mad_Science says

    I love coming to sites where having “rust and holes” relegates an item to display quality only.