Slant 6 Roundup


Another Slant Six Gathering leaves the vexing question of what a 1977 Dodge Aspen and a 1962 Dodge Lancer have in common. The answer? A leaning tower of power under the hood. The Slant Six faithful gathered this last Sunday at the Redwood City, California boat launch parking lot to carry on the tradition of durability and performance synonymous with the six-cylinder engine … [Read more...]

Slant 6 Gathering


Leaning Tower of Power fans should mark their calendars for the upcoming Slant 6 Gathering on September 27th 2009 in Redwood City, California. This annual social event is the place for an old slant sixer to learn new tricks, a new slant sixer to find new pals, and the stalwart few who are hardy enough to want to race a slant six to find out how. Since we know you've been … [Read more...]

Slant Six Power

The eight cylinder dynasty has long presided over drag racing. A trip to a drag strip reveals lanes full of V8 race cars. There are exceptions to every rule. With two fewer cylinders and a tilt to one side is the mighty slant six engine. Even with all the talk of hemispherical heads and no replacement for displacement, the slant six came as standard equipment under the hood so … [Read more...]