Tool of the Week: Mitsubishi ECI Checker


One of the great laments of the mothballs-in-their-pants set of the vintage car world is the demise of carburetors. These newfangled kids don't know how to adjust a carburetor with a shoelace, crumpled up Chesterfield, and piece of elbow macaroni. Fuel injection is all part of a larger Trilateral Commission conspiracy to keep track of our special thoughts. And so on. Don't get … [Read more...]

Vermont or Bust


We finally got the upper case I key on the old Underwood typewriter fixed, so now is the time for a first person missive pertaining to recent developments. You may have noticed a break in the action around here at the mighty Clunkbucket. No, I have not sold out to clandestine publishing interests in Moldova. The bad news is I won't be hanging out in California as much as I have … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Super Straight Edge


As we approach the beginning of Mitsubishi Astron engine rebuilding season, it is time for the first in a series of tools that can help get the job done. A quality step in transforming a salvaged engine block into a working short block is checking the deck for flatness. One might think they could lay any old reasonably straight thing across the deck and mark it good, but … [Read more...]

Tool of the Week: Duct Tape


From the what can't it fix division of Tool of the Week comes the ongoing miracle of duct tape. This sturdy and versatile tape is indispensable weapon in the Clunkbucket Arsenal of Tools, rivaling even bailing wire in its utility. The water repelling adhesive tape was originally made of cotton duck in green for the military. Duck tape was used to help keep ammo cases … [Read more...]

Starions for Everybody


Even though there is most certainly a guy wearing a Members Only jacket and acid washed jeans that might disagree, 1982 was a long time ago. In that same year was the first production run for a car closer to the heart around here - the Mitsubishi Starion. This month's Santa Clara gathering brought a collection of newer and older players along with an impressive number of … [Read more...]