Take a Liftback Break

sr5_liftback_leadWhat do you call a car that’s not quite hatchback and not quite station wagon? If you’re from jolly old England you might say shooting brake. If you’re a Ferrari history devotee you might say breadvan. Toyota called theirs the Liftback, and Anton Gross calls this 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback his car. Anton picked up the Toyota a few years back from its original owner in Huntington Beach, California with a tick over 100K on the clock. Some aftermarket springs up front and some lowering blocks on the leafs out back give the car its lower than usual Corolla stance. Anton drove the Corolla with the factory AC on chill from Las Vegas to Irvine to represent the mighty Liftback in the Toyota section at the JCCS as shown here. The seventies-style grille pattern on the SR5 Corolla alone is enough reason to make a relaxing time, a Liftback time.


  1. dakota sport says

    Had a brand new one, burnt orange in ’77. Drove it to California (from ohio) thru Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon…great car! Never seen one around here anymore…RUST.

  2. glenda says

    This was my first car! Mine was brown. Would love to buy another one. None around in the Michigan area.