Tatra 603 Breakfast

tatra_603_frontGetting to breakfast in the City of Angels most likely always includes travel by automobile. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, the Clunkbuckets arrived for ham and eggs Politburo-style in a 1970 Tatra 603. The delicious breakfast came hot off the griddle at Nicks. Transportation was supplied by Paul Greenstein and his other privately-owned Tatra sedan. Most Tatra 603’s came in black, and were supplied only to the big wigs of the the Soviet industrial-political complex. This Tatra came to Paul by way of a friend about ten years, ago and had been on the roads ever since. Nick’s Cafe serves up some famous breakfast and lunch east of Chinatown. Neither the Tatra or the pancakes disappointed. 


  1. casadelshawn says

    In Soviet Los Angeles, Tatra… Wait, what?
    Beauty of a car, and the only reason I met Paul. I can’t wait to drop by and see the new one. Oh, and I’ll be adding Nick’s to my list. 8-}>