Tatra Aeroluge Snowmobile

1942_tatra-aerolugeOne had best be prepared for motoring over snow when crossing the frozen expanse of Mother Russia. Arriving at this realization a little too late was the German army, who in World War II ordered an occupied Tatra to construct a machine designed specifically for traveling over flat snow-covered plains. In 1942 Tatra produced the V855 Aeroluge Snowmobile. While only one was built, there is now another. The Lane Motor Museum commisioned Eccora to build this replica Snowmobile. The Aeroluge is a hand built reproduction of the original Tatra T87 based Tatra V855. The Tatra Snowmobile features four ski steering with dual-mode propulsion. The propeller is joined by a rotating snow traction drum, which can also serve as a brake! Additional brakes are located on the rear skis. The air-cooled V8 sends all of  its 75 horsepower to both propeller and snow drum via a cardan shaft, for an estimated top speed of 50 miles per hour. While it’s a long way back to Stalingrad, the Tatra Aeroluge seen here currently resides with a collection of Tatras and more at the Lane Motor Museum.

Photos courtesy of the the Lane Motor Museum


  1. Myron Vernis says

    I’ve said it before; the Lane Motor Museum is one of the coolest places on earth for a true car enthusiast.

  2. Jonee says

    The Lane Museum is great. Probably the most eccentric collection in America. Love the Zündapp Janus in the background.