Treasure Island Vintage Bonanza

img_6473Old schools from all points descended from the Bay Bridge onto Treasure Island for a gathering of a different than the usual vintage show cars and trucks. An unofficial but mostly adhered to 1984 or so cutoff date allows for later lineage, as long as the model is progeny of the original. A 1988 Mitsubishi Starion? OK, as the turbo coupe made its debut in 1982. Everything from show quality seventies Toyota Celicas with modern engine and transmission transplants to daily driven Datsun 510 coupes showed up to show off. Owners and fans alike hung out, had some snacks, and swapped ideas and knowledge for the next project or upgrade plans. While there were a few race-only and half-finished builds trailered in for the event, most everyone else that rolled down off the bridge fired up their machines and drove right back off the island when the very well spent day was over.

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  1. says

    Thanks for hanging out with us!

    (the guy with the blue Celica with carzy Honda S2000 motor swap)

  2. says

    Thanks for making it. Hope you had a great time. Sad….no pictures of my car in there….:( . Its all good. I have the Tubbed Celica with the 1J. Cary

  3. says

    That Starion (Conquest) and Starlet both have SUPER POTENTIAL!!! Great coverage! See you Thursday? There’s some decent Indian fast food down there. Expect to see TONS of Datsun 510s!

  4. Jayden says

    Thanks for the CHOCOLATE old fashioned donut, yummmy…Jayden in the Black sweatshirt.

  5. Jeff B. says

    I see that black Starlet driving by my house almost every morning as I’m leaving for work!!